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London is a really big city and with a really big underground railroad. If you live there or you will just travel it, the best way to move from point A to point B is by using it. To londonders it is known as the The Underground or The Tube. In this case you will have to plan you trip to avoid travelling headaches.

Here we offer you information and that you need to start your journey, by using this big subway system with many stations. The first London underground map shows the lines and the stations. The second map of the underground shows the six travelcard zones. To see the maps clearly, click them to enlarge.

Short London Underground History

January 10, 1863 is a memorable date for Londoners. Then the London Underground is placed in operation - which is the first subway system in the world. It is only 5 km long and connects the station "Paddington"and "Faringdon" but the first day 40,000 passengers used the underground transport. Today, 12 lines with total length of 408 km and 275 stations knitted the metropolitan in London.

The first cars of the London's Underground, as known as The Tube, were powered by steam locomotives. By 1900 the trains used coal and wood. In order not to suffocate the passengers, special container stored the smoke. However, It turned out that the tanks are filled very quickly and must be emptied periodically. Builders open pits in which the locomotive tanks were emptied, and those shafts were cleverly disguised as houses, but without a roof. Old picture of a train

In 1900 London Underground began to be electrified thanks to the American businessman Charles Yerkes. In his project, there were two more lines had to be installed to the first two and they run 650 Volts electricity. Thus, apart clean the subway became relatively quiet and much faster. Today's train


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About the metropolis and its attractions

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